• The Ultimate Collection of Brain Teasers To Keep You Thinking All Day

    • December 4, 2020
    The Ultimate Collection of Brain Teasers To Keep You Thinking All Day

    Brain teasers are fun. People have been solving them for millennia and still we enjoy them. Putting the brain to the test, pushing beyond cognitive thinking, and utilizing logic and creativity, brain teasers satisfy our inherent urge to solve problems.

    So, here we have compiled an ultimate list of brain teasers — from logic and lateral thinking to visual puzzles, from math and numbers brain teasers to riddles, and more — all that’ll challenge your thinking and keep you busy for hours. Can you solve them all? 

    Logic and Lateral Thinking Brain Teasers

    Logic and lateral thinking brain games provide a complete mental exercise by working on both logic and creative thinking. Some of these brain teasers require you to find the logic behind the puzzle to get the solution while some require out-of-the-box thinking that breaks from the traditional notions. Try these ones to get started.

    1. Which Way Is the Bus Going? (This Is a Bus in the US.)

    Bus brain teaser

    Answer: The bus is traveling left.

    Look at the bus — the doors are not visible. This means the passengers would get on the bus from the opposite side. And since the bus is in the US — where they drive on the right side — the bus is traveling left.

    Did you know kids are slightly quicker in answering such visual brain teasers (although they can be inaccurate sometimes)? And research by the University of London found out this is because children under 12 perceive visual information differently from adults.

    2. This Brain Teaser Requires High Observation Skills: Guess Who’s Married?

    Answer: B

    This brain teaser is all about observation and some logic-lateral thinking. Look at pictures carefully, do you see any signs or indications to identify a married woman? Yes, the second woman has a ring on her ring finger.

    3. Find Which Glass Will Fill up First? (Tip: Look at the Pipes Carefully.)

    Answer: 5

    If you thought it is 6, it’s wrong. Look at the pipes connected to beakers. The lower pipe connected with the first beaker is closed — the water won’t go through it.

    So now eliminating options with closed pipes, it’s the beaker number 5 that’ll fill up first.

    4. This Logic Brain Teaser Will Test Your Visual Judgment.

    Answer: C

    Just look at the opposite sides of the triangle. You’ll get the answer.

    5. Guess the Car’s Parking Spot Number.

    Answer: 87

    To solve this you’ll need to look at the puzzle from a different angle. What you see are inverted numbers, the actual sequence is 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91.

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    6. Guess the Correct Top View of the Tower.

    Answer: A

    First, look at the reference tower carefully. It has orange on the top, yellow beneath it  — but of equal size so won’t be visible from the top, a larger yellow with a slightly larger orange at the bottom.

    So the aerial view of the tower should consist of a pattern from a smaller orange pattern followed by a larger yellow base and again comparatively larger orange. That’s the first pattern — A.

    7. Can You Guess the Total Number of Blocks?

    Answer: 9

    Did you count the blocks that are hidden behind? The bottom layer has 5 blocks, the second layer has 3 and the top layer has 1 block.

    Visual Puzzles and Brain Teasers

    Visual puzzles test your ability to visualize things. If you have a knack for visual-spatial judgment, you might have visual-spatial intelligence — one of the intelligences as per Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences — that enables you to think in three-dimension and picture concepts in mind.

    8. Can You Spot the Panda?

    Answer:Brain teasers_Spot the panda_answer

    9. Can You Spot the Pig?

    Answer: Brain teasers_Spot the pig_answer

    10. Can You Find Which Butterfly Will Reach the Flower First?

    Answer: B

    So how long did you take to find out?

    Mazes are great brain teasers because it really makes you think. To navigate through a complex labyrinth and find out a way, you indeed have to use enough cognitive resources.  Mazes are also great brain games for kids as they help build their problem-solving and visual-motor skills.

    11. Guess the Correct Shadow.

    Answer: C

    12. Quick — Can You Find the Mistake?

    Answer: “Mitsake” is the mistake.

    It’s funny how our mind fails to recognize the simple mistake. This phenomenon is called intentional blindness in which we fail to notice other things while focusing on one particular object. Here, you were focusing on numbers and missed the word.

    13. Stroop Test

    Stroop effect is the phenomenon when you recognize the semantic meaning of the word instead of the color. If you’re doing it for the first time, it can be difficult to recognize the color as the meaning of the words conflicts with your brain. Try it yourself.

    Speak the color of the words — not the semantic meaning — from the following graphic.

    Brain games_stroop effect test

    14. Advanced Stroop Test

    Along with the colors, shapes are added in this Stroop test to challenge your brain. Try it.

    Speak out the color and shapes — not the semantic meaning of the word — in the following graphic.

    Riddle Brain Teasers

    Riddles are the old but goodie brain teasers that have stood the test of time. They are fun, engaging, enable you to think creatively, and of course, utterly satisfying. Here, let’s start with some easy ones.

    15. What’s the Thing That Shoots but Never Kills?

    Answer: Camera

    Okay, that was an easy one. Let’s see if you can solve the next riddle.

    16. Who’s the Doctor?

    Answer: The doctor is the boy’s mother.

    The picture of fishing with the son conjures a “son-dad time” picture. Our mind perceives it must be the son’s dad or a male figure who went fishing.  Well, that’s how these riddles play with our minds.

    17. A Woman Born in 1975 and Died in 1975. She Was 22 Years Old at the Time of Death. How?

    Answer: One of the numbers (1975) could be the hospital room or even a postal code.

    Science-Based Brain Teasers

    At some point, we all have studied the basic principles of physics, chemistry, and other science. But what’s funny is these basic principles and laws have washed away from our memory, sometimes making us wonder about the basic science behind the things. 

    These science-based will take you back to the science class and test your knowledge with some brain-teasing science problems.

    18. Look at the Picture: Will the Scale Remain Balanced or Will Tilt To One of the Sides?

    Answer: It will tilt.

    It’s because of the principle of Buoyancy. Although the two objects are of the same weight, when they are immersed in water they go through weight loss. And the weight loss is equal to the water displaced. So the larger object — the stone — will displace more water than the iron weight. So the scale will tilt.

    19. Brain Trivia: Name One Animal That Has Blue Blood

    Answer: Octopus, Squid, Horseshoe Crabs 

    The reason why these animals have blue blood is because of hemocyanin, a copper-rich protein present in their blood. While animals with red blood including humans have Hemoglobin, an iron-containing protein responsible for the red color.

    Math and Number Brain Teasers

    Math brain teasers are a treat for every math lover. Some require pure logic and a knack for calculations while others are just lateral thinking problems masquerading in numbers. We’ve put together some of these brain teasers to get you started.

    20. What’s the Missing Number?

    Answer: 6

    This brain teaser requires you to observe the number and find-out the logic. Look carefully the number in the center circle of each line is half the sum of numbers towards its left and right.
    So, for the last line, the answer’ll be: 9 + 3 = 12 (÷ 2) = 6.

    21. Find the Total Number of Students in the Class.

    Answer: C

    Since Alex ranked 9th from the top there are 8 students ahead of him. And he ranked 38th from the bottom that means 37 students are behind him.

    So the total number of students will be 8 + Alex + 37= 46.

    22. Number Brain Teaser – Guess the Missing Number.

    Answer: 34

    Here’s the trick. The wheel is a piechart. Each number and the section represents the percentage. So 100 – 66 (total of the numbers) = 34. Were you baffled?

    23. Can You Guess the Number?

    Answer: 4

    The trick is to count the total number of intersections. In the first the lines intersect 9 times, in the second it’s just 1 and in the third one it’s 4 times.

    24. What Should Be the Time in the Last Watch?

    Answer: 7:05 

    Observe the time difference in each watch, there’s a pattern.

    (1st watch) 9:05 – 12 mins = 8:53 (2nd watch)

    8:53 – 24 mins = 8:29 (3rd watch )

    8:29 – 36 mins = 7:53 (4th watch)

    7:53 – 48 mins = 7:05 (5th watch)

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