• Looking For Impossible Puzzle? Here’s a List of 10 Fiendishly Difficult Ones

    • January 19, 2021
    Looking For Impossible Puzzle? Here’s a List of 10 Fiendishly Difficult Ones

    For many of us solving an impossible puzzle for hours — and sometimes days — can be frustrating. Okay, scratch that… it’s utterly satisfying. We like staring at the puzzle from different angles, racking the brain to its max cap, focusing for hours, searching relations, possibilities, and finally assembling the pieces. We like that feeling of being challenged.  So here, we have curated some of the most difficult puzzles for you. From monochrome to a totally transparent one,  from the vintage London map puzzle to an intergalactic one — these 10 puzzles are the kind of that people find impossible to solve.

    1. Pure White Hell Puzzle

    Impossible puzzle_pure white hell puzzle

    The first one on the list is Beverly Micro Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle. Before you yell, “challenge accepted”, at this puzzle with mouth full name, here’s a cautionary note for you. This is not your regular puzzle with an aesthetically-pleasing image. It comes with 2000 pure white pieces without any picture to assist. It will make you sit for hours with a hump of blank tiles, trying your best to fit one another. Now you get why it’s called “Pure White Hell”? Because the unsolved pieces stare at you from the deep white abyss.

    2. Impossible Transparent Puzzle With No Clues

    Impossible Puzzle_clear transparent puzzle

    Impossible Puzzle_clear transparent puzzle2

    So what’s harder than a unicolor jigsaw puzzle? Well, a puzzle with no color. This impossible puzzle is made up of clear plastic acrylic —  and again there’s no image or picture or pattern to assist you. But what really makes this puzzle impossible is understanding which is the top and bottom sides of the pieces. Ah, someone got goosebumps. Well, the good part is it comes with a max of 330 pieces. But still  you can’t solve it without breaking a sweat.  

    3. New York Times Front-Page Puzzle

    Impossible Puzzle_newyork times puzzle Impossible Puzzle_newyork times puzzle2

    What if a puzzle could reveal news stories? And not just any news stories but stories from the front page of a world’s leading newspaper — some even dating back to 150 years, and some that changed the fate of the world. Well, the New York Times Puzzle exactly does that.

    New York Times Puzzle is a custom-made puzzle that’ll allow you to select from all 58000 front pages published since 1851 (September 18, 1951, to be precise). You can reproduce the groundbreaking front-page story, be it the sinking Titanic, the Appolo 11 mission, or the Cuban missile crisis — all in 300, 500, or 1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzle. 

    Now I can see your fascination in your big flinty eyes. But don’t forget, assembling this puzzle won’t be easy. So which front-page story would you choose? 

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    4. Spectacular Geode Puzzle With Unusual Pieces

    Impossible Puzzle_geode Impossible Puzzle_geode2

    A geode and geode puzzle has a lot of things in common. Both are hard, both are eye-seducingly beautiful, and both are admired by people. 

    Inspired by the spectacular geode, this beautiful yet impossible puzzle comes in complex jigsaw pieces to challenge you. The puzzle recreates the intricate crystalline pattern of geode and is cut into 180 unusual pieces that makes it fiendishly difficult. So now you know how a beautiful devil looks like

    5. The Lines Puzzle by Bgraamiens Puzzles

    Impossible Puzzle_lines puzzle Impossible Puzzle_lines puzzle2

    Reminiscing a modern line art or more like a random symmetric doodle by a kid it’s obvious that this puzzle is fairly challenging. It is not recommended for beginners because the 1000 pieces of printed lines in different directions are quite chaotic which makes it an impossible puzzle to solve. Here’s a fun fact: older adults can fare better in black and white puzzles than young adults. But we advise you to try it to find out yourself.

    6. Galaxy Puzzle that’s Complex To Infinity and Beyond

    Impossible Puzzle_Infinite Galaxy Puzzle Impossible Puzzle_Infinite Galaxy Puzzle

    Now this puzzle on the list is out of the world. No, literally — we’re talking about the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle. Based on the photo of stars being born in the Carina Nebula taken from the Hubble Space Telescope, this puzzle is a total feast to the eyes when fully assembled. But beware, it’s going to be as tiring as an intergalactic mission. Seriously, we’re talking about an amorphous and formless galaxy, no specific starting point, intricate colour gradient, infinite combinations, and unusual puzzle pieces. But this impossible puzzle is a guaranteed mental stimulation.

    7. Vintage Map of London You’ll Get Lost In

    Impossible puzzle_Vintage map of London Impossibvle puzzle_Vintage map of london2

    Moving on from the galaxy to the streets of London this puzzle is a vintage map of London. With 1014 pieces, it covers every street and house of the city. But this map doesn’t seem to help you find the way — the way to easily assemble the puzzle. I mean, just look at that detailed work of cartography — the lines, the patterns, and markings — it’s definitely a difficult one to crack.

    8. Not So Soothing Yoga Puzzle

    Impossibvle puzzle_Yoga lawn

    Fresh air, green lawn, and yoga. The holy trinity we seek for tranquility. But when it comes to assembling its jigsaw puzzles, umm, it’s not that appeasing. This puzzle of a crowd performing yoga (at least that’s what it looks like) on the lawn is quite complicated. Did we mention there are yoga mats too in the picture? Anyway, this puzzle comes with different levels of difficulties starting from an easy 56 pieces to really difficult 1014 pieces. Impossible puzzle? Well, solve it to find out.

    9. Stylish but Difficult Polka Dot Puzzle

    Impossible puzzle_White polka dot puzzle

    If you are looking to kill time during those rainy days or times like the recent lockdown then this puzzle is just for you. The 1000 pieces blue puzzle with white polka dots is the new definition of difficulty.  Apart from the difficult pattern, it will give a sheer satisfaction resembling an Op Art if completed. Note that the keyword here is “if completed”. After all, there’s a reason it’s on the list of impossible puzzles.

    10. 5000 Color Puzzle

    Impossible puzzle_5000 piece CMYK puzzle Impossible puzzle_5000 piece CMYK puzzle2

    And the last one on the list is really huge. And by huge I mean 5000 pieces huge. Unlike the other puzzles on the list, what makes this an impossible puzzle is its remarkable number of pieces that can keep you assembling for days and even months. But it’s not just the number of pieces but pieces of subtly different colors that make it even more difficult to complete. Try this if you are ready to push yourself further than you ever did.

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